Custom Wood Stand Up Paddle Boards

Eco-Friendly Elegance | Handcrafted with Care
355 N. Division Rd | Petoskey, Michigan

Experience a deeper connection with the waters you ride…

feel the resonance, ride hollow wood.

wood paddle board


wood paddle board
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Handcrafted
  • Natural Beauty
  • Made in the USA
  • Built with Sustainably Forested Lumber


wood paddle board

In 1873, the people living along Little Traverse Bay named their settlement “Petoskey,” in honor of Chief Petosegay.  Chief Petosegay was born on the banks of the Kalamazoo River, moved north, and was raised near the shores of the Little Traverse Bay near what is now Harbor Springs, Michigan.

wood paddle board

139 years later, Chief Petosegay’s great-great-great-great granddaughter, Shawni, wanted to explore the waterways of northern Michigan.

She asked her father for a Standup Paddle Board, but not just any paddle board made of toxic foam or plastic.

With an instinct for earth care, Shawni wanted a Standup Paddleboard made out of natural materials.

wood paddle board

As a master carpenter, Shawni’s father, Jason Thelen, knew he could build her a paddle board out of wood that would give her an eco-friendly alternative to the plastic and foam boards that currently dominate the Standup Paddleboard market.

wood paddle board

In the spring of 2012, Jason built the first Little Bay Board.

Shawni was now able to experience a deeper connection with nature as she explored the waterways of northern Michigan on her wooden Standup Paddleboard, custom-built by her father.

wood paddle board

Soon after, Jason began having a deeper connection with the folks in the beach parking lots, asking him where they got “that board!”

By the summer of 2012, Little Bay Boards was born and Jason began building boards for other people who wanted an eco-friendly wooden paddleboard experience.

wood paddle board
wood paddle board
Custom Paddle Board Gallery

Custom Paddle Board Gallery

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Wow. Just wow! I popped my new board in Burt Lake just hours after we picked it up. Even in the waves it was magic. I can honestly say that there is a real energy that is given off by that real wood. Like it is alive! I will treasure it forever.


September 2020

I took my board for her maiden voyage yesterday in Little Traverse Bay. What a special ride it was. It’s true what Jason says, the wood is alive and standing on my Little Bay Boards was unlike any other paddle board. I can’t say enough about the craftmanship and artistry of Jason. Thank you very much.


June 2017

wood paddle board

This board is my husband’s and he absolutely loves it! It is incredibly light at 28 lbs and maneuvers so easily. It doesn’t pitch or rock in waves as much as our older “traditional” board. We are extremely happy that we had this beauty crafted by Jason!


March 2019

I couldn’t be happier with by board from Little Bay Boards!  Its the perfect balance of form and function.  Jason is brilliant with his work and his art is not only beautiful but provides the best ride I’ve ever had.

Joe Guinan

May 2017

wood paddle board
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Beards Brewery

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Always Forward Board

Always Forward Board

This design came to us from an old friend. Her mother was, and is, her idol in life and had always told her as a child and now as a grown...

The Latvian Boards

The Latvian Boards

Board Weights: All-Arounder: 27 lbs Prone: 25 lbs These two boards are great examples of Little Bay Boards' ability to customize a wooden...

We met Jason Thelen today, the artist and builder of my beautiful board. A wonderful experience from start to finish. Though the final product was a surprise, Jason created exactly what I wanted. I immediately put it in the river upon returning home to Leland and was so delighted with the ride. Found my sweet spot for standing and she glided beautifully. The board is very stable and I loved the reverberation of the water through the wood. Jason’s thoughtfulness in construction is even evident in the paddle which is only a pound and is curved to reduce stress on the arms and back. Wow!! So happy!! And the board is only 28 lbs! Thank you Jason! JOY!!


May 2018

I have had my board for two years now and love it more every time I go out. I have taken it on vacation in many states. Paddled the ocean and all Great Lakes. It still looks like new. Everywhere I go I get compliments and questions. All of Jason designs are unique and I was thrilled to be able to have input into the design. He is an amazing craftsman, designer and all round great guy. I plan to have my board till I can’t stand on it any longer. It is my greatest stress reliever and adventure taker ever. Thanks Jason!

Nancy Kowalski

October 2015

wood paddle board

I am so in love with my new board. I got everything I had asked for custom plus more.  Thank you so much!

Britney Vandermolen

April 2015

wood paddle board

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