Real Wood

Don’t be fooled by the foam core surfboards masquerading around as eco-friendly with their wood veneers.

At Little Bay Boards we only build surf boards that are truly eco-friendly.

Our surf boards are lightweight and float because they are built with a wooden rib and spine frame structure which create a hollow core interior.  No foam needed!

The exterior of our surfboards are built with sustainably forested Cedar woods.

Cedar is a strong but lightweight material that allows us to work with nature to compose an ultimate display of beauty throughout the skins, fin, and rails.


Eco-friendly Epoxy

For added strength, durability, and waterproofing, fiberglass and epoxy are applied to help ensure that when treated properly, these paddleboards will last a lifetime.  We use epoxy that is UV stable ensuring the finish remains clear as day one and will not yellow over time.


Hollow Wood

Because of our hand-engineered hollow-wood frames, our paddleboards float without the need for any toxic foam material.

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