Classic footage from our old shop!  Check out this video of the Dirty Rides build…

Built by Matthew Powell & Jason Thelen at Little Bay Boards with inspiration from the crew at Dirty Rides

Music: One Hand Clap by Distant Stars

The Story

In 1970 Emerson DeLaney learned how to drive in a VW bus. A “few years later,” while approaching retirement, Emerson acquired on old VW bus, screaming out for some TLC to bring it back to life. Emerson teamed up with Dirty Rides to fully restore the bus and commissioned Little Bay Boards to build a hollow core wood SUP to compliment this epic ride. Dubbed “Dirty Waves” this Standup Paddleboard has translucent colored epoxy inlays to complement the blue of the bus.

wood paddle board

Emerson’s “Dirty Waves” Board was such a meaningful project. It’s ready to go on top of his soon to be completely restored “72” VW bus. At that point his mission in retirement is to cruise around the Great Lakes, find places to paddle, camp and relax after a long life of busting ass.

When the complete ride was done in summer 2021, Emerson came to visit Jason at the new shop!

Check out the feature VOLKSAMERICA did on Emerson’s project in their 2022 Annual print magazine…

VW bus with wood paddle board

Check out more awesome photos of this epic project from Amanda Blake Photography!

wood paddle board