Carry Strap

This carry strap will help make it easier to pickup and move your wood paddle board from Little Bay Boards.

At Little Bay Boards, it is by design that we do not build in a handle to our paddle boards.  A paddle board handle would create a potential weak point to the board, so we don’t do that.  Instead, to make it easier to pick up and carry your paddle board, we have these beautiful carry strap options made by Nozou.  Choose from these fun patterns, “Mesa” and “Colorado.”

These paddle board carry straps are UV, mildew, and moisture-resistant, thanks to its top-of-the-line Polyester build.


Not only are these paddle board carry straps beautiful and functional, they also have another perk.  While floating in the water, these carry straps allow you to clip together with another paddle board so you can chill together with your friends without floating away from each-other.