Beach Sheet

  • Para-Chill™ Soft Water-Wind-Stain Resistant DWR Coated 70D Parachute Nylon


Are you ready to Excel at the beach?! Then leave your computer at home grab the SaltWater SpreadSheet! Feel guilt free when you tell your boss you were on the SpreadSheets all day! In fact your team worked so hard there was a point all four of you were on at the same time!

Introducing the ultimate beach sheet that will make you want to drop everything and head to the beach! Made from 70D Parachill fabric, this sheet is the lovechild of a parachute and a chill pill. It’s so water, sand, and *stain-resistant* that it’ll make you wonder if it’s secretly a fabric fro the future. And at a whopping 9ft x 6.5ft, you can bring your whole squad and still have room for a feast.

*Psst, quick tip! Some oils and spray-on sunscreen can stain when wet, but just wait a minute before hopping on your beach sheet and you’ll be fine every time. It’s like a game of hot potato, but with oily sunscreens and your beach sheet. So take a moment to chill and avoid any unexpected surprises on your beach bum.*

But wait, there’s more! This beach sheet is also equipped with Sand Sleeves, so you can fill them up with sand and turn your sheet into a fortress that no gust of wind can penetrate. It’s like building sandcastles, but for grown-ups (and without the frustration of trying to get the towers to stay upright).

And let’s not forget about the weight – or lack thereof. This beach sheet is only 1lb, which means you can easily pack it up and take it on all your adventures. It’s like having a portable slice of paradise with you wherever you go. So don’t wait any longer – get your hands on the beach sheet that’ll make your friends green with envy (and sand-free).

Eco-friendly beach sheet made from repurposed hammocks that have been returned, blemished, or are old models that other manufacturers would have thrown away. These hammocks are still perfectly clean and usable, and by repurposing them, we’re reducing waste and giving them a new life as something equally as useful and enjoyable. So not only can you relax and soak up the sun on this beach sheet, but you can also feel good knowing that you’re doing your part to protect the planet. Add this sustainable beach sheet to your cart and enjoy your beach day with a clear conscience.