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In 2012, Jason Thelen built the first “Little Bay Board,” as per request from his 12 year old daughter, who wanted an Eco-Friendly alternative to the plastic and foam paddle boards that dominated the market.

Jason researched, designed and built a paddle board out of wood.
Its hollow core allowed it to be lightweight. Its Cedar skin allowed it to be naturally beautiful.

Jason’s daughter loved riding her board.  People at the beach loved asking her where she got “that board!”  Jason fell in love with the process of building paddle boards AND the idea that he might be able to help reduce the amount of plastic and foam generated from the SUP industry.

    Why Little Bay Boards?

    Because friends don’t let friends ride foam.

    Why Ride on Hollow Wood?

    • It’s better for the planet

    These boards won’t end up in the landfill. They are built to last a lifetime. If they get dinged up they can be repaired and refinished.  If you give up SUPing as a sport, these boards double as amazing wall decor!

    • They are breathtakingly beautiful

    When you see them up close and personal, you will be mesmerized by the results of human and nature’s collaboration working from the palette of each and every knot, wood grain and color tone presented inside of the sustainably harvested lumber.

    • The ride feels like no other

    Like an acoustic guitar, the hollow wood design allows you to feel the resonance of the water beneath your feet in a way not possible on a plastic or foam board.


      Built by hand with love…

      Video of custom paddle board being built from start to finish.

      Video of our new shop designed for growing production and more customization options like laser cut logos!

      Video of our Pro SUP Athlete Girard Middleton from Sobe Surf & Paddle giving his review on the look and feel of the ride on a Little Bay Board.


      Our boards are build with a hollow core – NO FOAM!

      Built from sustainibly forested Cedar Woods

      Weigh between 24 -32 lbs

      To prevent potential weak points in our paddleboards, they are intentionally deisgned with Fixed Fins & No handle (we recomend a carry strap if you not comfortable carrying over head or Hawaiian style)

      A. In Stock – Ready to Ride

      • 9 footers
        for riders between 90 – 140 lbs
      • 10 footers
        for riders between 120 – 250 lbs

      for riders up to 300 lbs

      B. Made to Order*

      • Choose board size that fits you best (9, 10, or 11 footer)
      • We build it just for you!

      *Order 4 or more get free brand personalization upgrade on Rails, and/or logo graphic inlay on paddle blade

      C. Semi-Custom

      • Pick your favorite graphic inlay from one of our Design Collections
      • Choose board size that fits you best (9, 10, or 11 footer)
      • Choose from our personalization options (name in rails, logo on paddle)
      • We build it just for you!

      D. Custom

      • Work with our design team to build your dream, wood inlay top skin (bottoms skin will be inverse of top)
      • Choose board size that fits you best (9, 10, or 11 footer)
      • Choose from our personalization options (name in rails, logo or graphic on paddle)
      • We build it just for you!

      E. Custom Elite

      • Work with our design team to build your dream, wood and/or colored epoxy inlay top skin & bottom skin
      • Choose board size that fits you best (9, 10, or 11 footer)
      • Choose from our personalization options (name in rails, logo or graphic on paddle or fin)
      • We build it just for you!


      **Wholesale pricing for Custom and Custom Elite brackets are only available with orders of 4 boards or more / possibly negotiable