10 Footer – All Arounders

This stand-up paddleboard is built in our now famous, “All-Arounder” shape and size, comfortably floating riders between 120 to 250 pounds.

So many of our customers have found this original style of board to ride “grounded with earth” – with a better response on all types of waters.

The reports from coast to coast are best summed up with quotes like “amazingly smooth” and “synergistic with nature.

The Local Girls

Made with locally grown White Cedar, these Local Girls are knotty, with highlights of exotic pacific Red Cedars which range from light sapwood through mid to deep reddish-brown earthy core color tones.

Our Local Girls come in either a “Mary Jane” or a “Kerri Ann” design style.  Our Mary Janes are a straight line inlay and our Kerri Anns incorporate angled line inlays.

The Avalons

The Avalons are our take on the original classic wood surfboard design styles.  Similar to The Local Girls, these boards come in either straight-line OR angled-lined inlays.  Unlike The Local Girls, the main body of these paddle boards are built with Red Cedar wood, which means no knots!  Red Cedars come in various color tones, ranging from light sapwood through mids to deep reddish-brown earthy core woods.

The Stoics

These wood paddleboards take elegance to the next level.  The Stoic boards contain a handful of our new Design Collections, including The Avalons, The CoastalsThe Great Mysteries, Local Girl Rivers, Local Girl Interlaced and more.

The Zens

Bringing order to chaos, The Zens are built from Red Cedar woods, with occasional clear white Aspen inlay accents.  The Zens include two design collections, our Wood Interlaced and our River paddleboards.

Wood Interlaced: Paddleboards from the Wood Interlaced design collection have a 7″ strip of intricate “nose to tail” laser-cut design detail.  Our “Shop Bros” love zenning out as they carefully piece together the hundreds of pieces involved in assembling these intricate skins.

River: Our River paddleboards bring peace to all who lay eyes on them with their calming translucent colored epoxy “rivers” running down the center.  To accommodate the translucent effect, these boards are built with a specially designed frame that gives it a “frameless” appearance when holding the translucent portion of the board up to the light.

Sea Princess

The Sea Princesses are our top shelf offerings for epic paddleboard design. Built with a main body of Red Cedar and often highlighted with Aspen accents the Sea Princesses usually come with a 7″ intricate laser-cut design with translucent color epoxy inlay down the center.