Kerri Ann- Lightweight 9 Footer Paddle Board – Little Bay Boards Branded Rails

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This 9′ 3″ paddle board is built with locally grown white cedar woods grown in Michigan with chevron highlights of pacific Red Cedar woods.  This wood paddle board is extra special because it has “Little Bay Boards” inlaid into the side rails 😉

Introducing the 9-Foot “All-Arounder” Paddle Board

Compact, Lightweight, and Designed for Leisure: This 9-foot paddle board is your ideal companion for serene days on the water. Crafted for paddlers weighing between 90 and 150 lbs, this board offers unparalleled stability and ease of maneuvering, making it perfect for those leisurely paddles along calm waters and gentle tides.


The All-Arounder Shape: Embodying the essence of versatility, the “All-Arounder” shape ensures a smooth, enjoyable ride regardless of your paddling prowess. Its design is a seamless blend of balance and agility, offering a responsive and forgiving paddle boarding experience that both beginners and seasoned paddlers will appreciate.


Compact Size, Uncompromised Performance: While it may be smaller than our popular 10-foot models, this 9-foot board doesn’t skimp on performance. Its size makes it ideal for easy transport and storage, without sacrificing the glide and stability paddle boarders have come to expect from our “All-Arounder” series.


Features at a Glance:

  • Ideal for riders between 90 and 150 lbs: Perfectly balanced for lighter paddlers.
  • “All-Arounder” shape: For versatility and ease in every paddle stroke.
  • 9-foot length: Offers more maneuverability and easier handling than larger boards.
  • Lightweight design: Effortless to carry and launch into the water.

Your Eco-Friendly Adventure Awaits: Built with sustainable practices and materials, this 9-foot paddle board is as kind to the environment as it is to you. Embrace the joy of paddling with this eco-conscious choice, designed for those who cherish the natural world and the adventures it offers.


Embrace the Call of the Water: Whether you’re navigating the serene lake, coasting along a tranquil river, or exploring hidden coves, this board is built for the spirit of adventure in all of us. Perfect for leisure paddling, this 9-foot “All-Arounder” paddle board invites you to discover the joy of the water at your own pace.


Step into the water with confidence and style. This 9-foot paddle board is more than just a piece of equipment; it’s your ticket to countless memories on the water, a testament to your love for the great outdoors, and your commitment to eco-friendly adventures.


Weight 21 lbs
Dimensions 111 × 28 × 4 in
Floats 90-150 lbs
Fin Style Fixed
Paddle Length 6'

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MPN: SUP-09-LG-002 SKU: 02322957 Categories: , , Location:


1 in stock

Completed: September 1, 2023

One of a kind, unique, handmade, Hollow Wooden Stand Up Paddle Board, built to last a lifetime.

Each piece of sustainably forested wood is hand-milled, tuned to perfection, and precisely placed right where it should be. Our boards tell us a story and we listen.

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This paddle board is built in our now famous, “All-Arounder” shape.  Many of our customers have found this original style of paddle board to ride “grounded with earth” – with a better response on all types of waters, perfect for leisure riding.

This paddle board is perfect for experienced and beginner riders, great on calm inland lakes and the Great Lakes alike!

The reports from coast to coast are best summed up with quotes like “amazingly smooth” and “synergistic with nature.


Real Wood

Don’t be fooled by the foam core paddle boards masquerading around as eco-friendly with their wood veneers.

At Little Bay Boards we only build paddle boards that are truly eco-friendly.

Our paddle boards are lightweight and float because they are built with a wooden rib and spine frame structure which create a hollow core interior.  No foam needed!

The exterior of our paddle boards are built with, sustainably forested Cedar woods hand selected for their beauty.

Cedar is a strong but lightweight material that allows us to work with nature to compose an ultimate display of beauty throughout the skins, fin, rails, paddle shaft, and blade.

Eco-friendly Epoxy

For added strength, durability, and waterproofing, fiberglass and epoxy are applied to help ensure that when treated properly, these paddleboards will last a lifetime.  We use epoxy that is UV stable ensuring the finish remains clear as day one and will not yellow over time.


As always, a “featherlight” handmade wood paddle is included with each paddle board purchase.

The unique bent shaft drives strokes deeper and faster with no deflection which helps ease up the wear and tear on the paddler’s shoulders for much longer peaceful times out on the water.

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