Custom Wine Ceremony Box


Little Bay Boards introduces the  Wine Ceremony Box,” a box handcrafted out of dark locally grown Walnut and light Colorado Aspen woods with custom engravings to help commemorate the union of a married couple.

A Wine Box Ceremony is planned into the wedding day celebration where family members and the priest can contribute letters of encouragement and then the box is locked. The box is to be opened on the couple’s 1st anniversary, or whenever they need to set aside some intentional moments to reflect on their union and gain strength from reading the letters.

Opening the Wine Ceremony Box creates an atmosphere for reflection of the couple’s special day and the opportunity to intentionally create the future they want to build together.

Inside the box contains space for a bottle of wine and two stemmed wine glasses.

Letter Pocket:
The letter pocket allows for space for letters from the priest, family members and close friends to be stored and accessed during times of need.
(Letter Pocket design options include TREE or CROSS)

Candle Pocket:
The Candle Pocket comes with a Dr. Seuss quote engraved on it, (optional custom quote) and additional space to stash special memorabilia from the wedding day.


How Do I Plan a Wine Box Ceremony?

  1. Talk to your celebrant about including a wine box ritual in your ceremony.
  2. Your celebrant may have experience with wine box rituals already, but if they don’t, they will need to write it into the ceremony, and prepare a few words to be spoken aloud during the ritual. They will need to talk a little bit about the symbolism of the ritual and explain the ritual to any guests who haven’t heard of it before.
  3. While you lock your wine box, you might want to arrange for a piece of music to be played while this is taking place.
  4. Source a bottle of wine along with anything you may want to lock in the box.
  5. Write your love letters or write out a copy of your vows, if you’re going to be including them.
  6. Make a plan for setting up the wine box ritual. Your celebrant may be happy to do this for you, or you could ask a wedding party member to bring the wine and box to the ceremony and ensure everything is in place.