Exploring the Waves with Jennifer Telek

Thank you to Jennifer Telek for including us in her latest adventure, “Water Toys for the Lake” where she reviews our paddle board on her popular blog, Wetsulife.com.

My Paddleboard

My sister is the Assistant Director of an amazing non-profit organization, the Women’s Resource Center of Norther Michigan. A few years ago, she made me aware of a raffle they were holding. At the last minute I purchased the remaining two tickets.  And, I WON.

I don’t believe I’ve ever won anything in my life.  Certainly nothing this special. It is an all wood, hollow core work of art by Little Bay Boards, in Petoskey, MI.  It’s different than any paddleboard I’d used before and I didn’t know what to expect.

What I found was an experience even better than the joy I already knew of paddleboarding.  I can actually feel the water beneath my feet.  There is something organic about the experience.  I am truly ONE with the water.

It is my morning meditation out on the water—and I treasure it.  Every day on the water with this board is a true gift.

Joy of Paddle Boarding