This month we had the honor of being featured on the front cover of Great Lakes Energy Co-op’s Michigan Country Lines publication…

wood paddle board

If it takes a village to raise a child, then it most certainly takes one to raise a brainchild.

Little Bay Boards, the brainchild of Jason Thelen, is the well-loved Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) darling of Petoskey. Indeed, it was the community of Petoskey that inspired Thelen to turn a dream into a successful business.

Today, Thelen has carved out more than just a great company, he has created relationships with many other local business owners and friends.

And that, Thelen notes, is one of his greatest successes.

Thelen, a Petoskey resident and great-great-great-grandson to Chief Petoskey—a legendary figure amongst the native Odawas and the namesake of both the town and Michigan’s state stone—hadn’t intended to build a thriving artisan SUP business. He, like most Michiganders, was looking for a way for his family to enjoy the nearby water and lakes.

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