custom paddle boards

Bawaadan “dream of it”

wood paddle board

We love building Custom Paddle Boards for our customers.

Bawaadan means “dream of it” in Anishinaabe.  The story is, the Anishinaabe people were created by divine breath, “beings made out of nothing” – just like your future board, after you dream of it…

  • eco-friendly
  • hollow core
  • always wood

Hand built with care in Petoskey, Michigan near the shores of the Little Traverse Bay

Let us build your dream paddle board!  Browse our Gallery to get some ideas then book your design consultation call with Master Board Builder, Jason Thelen.

Custom Size – Custom Shape – Custom Inlays

Choose the ideal custom paddle board size for your weight, height, and the waters you ride.

Choose your preferred wood tones, grains and knots for your custom paddle board.

Choose your own inlays.  With our state-of-the-art laser cutter we can create wood or color epoxy inlays from simple text to detailed logos or other graphics.

You dream it up, we’ll build it!

This is truly a “choose your own adventure” experience!

Custom Wood Wakeboards start at $1,200

Custom Wood Surfboards start at $2,000

Custom Wood Paddle Boards start at $4,200.

(Looking to give the gift of a Custom Wood Paddle Board?  See our Gift Cards and Gift Boxes for a Custom Paddle Board Build.)

How it Works

3. Start bringing your dream paddle board vision into reality. Receive, Review & Revise sketch drawings from Master Board Builder, Jason Thelen.

4. Solidify your Vision / Sign Custom Design Approval Form

5. Receive Invoice / Make Payment in Full

6. Little Bay Boards Builds your Dream Ride

7. Pickup or Delivery is arranged

8. Experience moments of zen, while on, or just while looking at your new custom built hollow wood paddle board

Video of Little Bay Boards building a custom wood paddle board

There are several reasons why someone might want a custom paddle board:

  • Fit and comfort: A custom paddle board can be tailored to the individual’s height, weight, skill level, and preferred paddling style. This can result in a more comfortable and efficient paddling experience.


  • Performance: A custom paddle board can be designed with specific performance characteristics in mind, such as speed, stability, and maneuverability. This can enhance the paddling experience and allow for more advanced maneuvers.


  • Aesthetics: A custom paddle board can be designed to the individual’s preferences in terms of colors, graphics, and overall design. This can create a unique and personalized look that stands out on the water.


  • Materials: A custom paddle board can be constructed with different materials, such as carbon fiber, which can result in a lighter and more durable board.


  • Environmental concerns: Some people may choose a custom paddle board made from eco-friendly materials or produced using sustainable manufacturing practices to reduce their environmental impact.

There are several reasons why someone might want custom graphics on their paddle board:

  • Personalization: Custom graphics allow an individual to add a personal touch to their paddle board, making it unique and reflective of their personality or interests.


  • Branding: Custom graphics can be used to promote a brand, logo, or business. This is especially popular among paddle board rental companies or instructors who want to create a consistent and recognizable brand image.


  • Aesthetics: Custom graphics can make a paddle board look more visually appealing and stand out from other boards on the water. They can be used to create a bold or subtle design that complements the board’s overall look.


  • Advertising: Custom graphics can be used to promote a cause, event, or sponsor. For example, a paddle boarder participating in a charity event could have the event logo or sponsor name displayed on their board.


  • Memorabilia: Custom graphics can serve as a memento of a special event or experience, such as a paddle board trip or competition. It can be a way to remember and commemorate the experience for years to come.