Our In Stock – Ready to Ride paddle boards allow you to start enjoying your hollow wood ride without the wait typically associated with our high-demand custom builds.

Buy now, pick up locally or choose from our freight shipping options to receive your board within 3 to 5 business days.

Floats riders up to 140 lbs

Floats riders 120 to 250 lbs

Floats riders up to 300 lbs

Floats riders up to 350 lbs




Most of our paddle boards are built in our now famous, “All-Arounder” shape.  Many of our customers have found this original style of board to ride “grounded with earth” – with a better response on all types of waters.

The reports from coast to coast are best summed up with quotes like “amazingly smooth” and “synergistic with nature.


Real Wood

Don’t be fooled by the foam core boards masquerading around as eco-friendly with their wood veneers.

At Little Bay Boards we only build paddleboards that are truly eco-friendly.

Our paddleboards are lightweight and float because they are built with a wooden rib and spine frame structure which create a hollow core interior.  No foam needed!

The exterior of our paddleboards are built with sustainably forested Cedar woods.

Cedar is a strong but lightweight material that allows us to work with nature to compose an ultimate display of beauty throughout the skins, fin, rails, paddle shaft, and blade.


Eco-friendly Epoxy

For added strength, durability, and waterproofing, fiberglass and epoxy are applied to help ensure that when treated properly, these paddleboards will last a lifetime.  We use epoxy that is UV stable ensuring the finish remains clear as day one and will not yellow over time.


As always, a “featherlight” handmade wood paddle is included with each paddle board purchase.

The unique bent shaft drives strokes deeper and faster with no deflection which helps ease up the wear and tear on the paddler’s shoulders for much longer peaceful times out on the water.


Choose from our Design Collections, wood paddle board built to your specs – Starting at $3,200

Choose your own Adventure! Design your own one-of-a-kind wood paddle board.  Choose from knotty or premium clear woods.  (Bottom Skin will be inverse of Top Skin)


Design your own top AND bottom paddle board skins.  Choose from knotty or premium clear woods, with optional highlights of colored epoxy.


About Little Bay Boards Wooden Paddle Boards

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The Details | FAQ

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