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The Latvian Boards

May 14, 2019 | Board Stories

Board Weights:

All-Arounder: 27 lbs

Prone: 25 lbs

These two boards are great examples of our ability to customize a board’s size and shape to it’s owner’s prefered body of water and riding style.

One of these boards is our “Go To” all arounder shape that Little Bay Boards is known for, while the other, found hanging above the table here, is a Prone shape. Designed for kneeling and hand paddleing the big lake. This board makes a hell of a race board as well.


The Latvian boards are also great examples of our ability to incorporate meaningful designs into these boards that are built to last a lifetime. These markings are ancient symbols of Latvian culture, important to the board’s owner. She asked us to incorporate as many meaningful representations that we could fit in each of her boards. Nellie Eve accepted this challenge and came up with these two stunning rideable art pieces for her.

“Being able to team up with local companies for our builds is a priceless ability for Little Bay Boards.” Jason says “Having the expertise of Joe and Julie Beattie of Baytees Apparel to laser cut and burn all these symbols for the build was honestly the only way to go! Baytees has always been a huge part of our success of build- ing boards as original as our clients are, as well as how professionally they handle our shirts, stickers, tumblers and basically all our merch.”