How to Care for your Little Bay Board – Wooden Paddleboard


While our boards are pretty darn durable, let’s face the facts, you purchased the “BMW” of paddleboards.  Would you take your BMW two-tracking and mudding?  Maybe?  We are not to judge.  But generally, most folks that purchase nice stuff spend a little extra effort to treat their stuff nicely.  Here are some ways to make sure you are treating your board nicely so that it can last a lifetime, and be handed down generation after generation.

Be mindful of the fin.  We build our paddleboards with fixed fins, as opposed to removable fins, because removable fins create a weak point, inviting the potential for cracks and leaks.  In place of inviting cracks and leaks to your board, we have designed a fixed fin.  This fin is pretty darn strong, but be mindful and a little gentle with it.  Don’t forcefully shove it into wet compact shoreline sand.

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Your board is equipped with two vents.  Your leash plug has a built-in vent that you don’t have to worry about.  We also include a brass vent.  Use the brass vent to help your board breathe as needed.  When sitting in the hot sun, your board will expand.  When set in the cool water, your board will contract.

In Water:  Once placed in the water, screw the brass vent cap onto the receiving end of your board to keep water out of your board while you enjoy paddling around.

On the Beach:  When you take the board out of the water, unscrew the vent cap halfway. This will allow your board to expand while it warms up in the hot sun in between uses.

During Transport:  If you transport your board strapped to the top of a car, this vent cap may rattle loose and get lost.  Instead of losing your vent cap, remove the vent cap from the board before strapping the board to your car, and use your safety pin keychain to keep track of your vent cap while your board is in transport! 

If you lose your vent cap, you can order a new one here!

    wood paddle board


    In this video, Anna Levesque, American Canoe Association Instructor Trainer for Standup Paddleboarding, does a great job explaining some best practices for strapping your board to your car or van.

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    What if I don’t have cross bars?!

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    Everybody is different and will find their own best way to handle their SUP out of the water.  To help you find what works best for you check out Tips for Carrying your Paddle Board.

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    Watch out for rocks!  Be mindful of the waters you are on and your surroundings.  Is there a lot of boat traffic?  Be prepared to navigate their wake waves!  Pay attention to the weather conditions, stay hydrated (remember that balancing becomes difficult after the 5th beer 😉

    Use a leash!  (For our boards we recommend a leash of around 12 ft)

    Educate yourself on your state’s PFD requirements.  Play it safe, always wear a USCG-approved personal flotation device.  Bombora has some fun options!

    Dress appropriately for the weather and water conditions.  Be aware of river water levels, tidal changes, dangerous currents, underwater hazards, and weather changes.

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      Contact us if you are interested in becoming a Brand Ambassador.

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      Other than making sure you use your vent cap appropriately, Little Bay Boards don’t require any maintenance.  If you paddle in saltwater, you might want to rinse your board off with fresh water every once in a while.

      You can wash your boards with Denatured Alcohol and a rag when needed. As far a “polishing” up, if your board has a satin sheen final coat on it, 1000, or 1200 grit sandpaper is a pretty good match for rubbing out scratches and such to stay in that satin finish.

      If you wanted to polish it, 2000 grit wet sandpaper, and then a rubbing compound, and then a polish compound… THOUGH take note!!!!! It’ll make her slippery.

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      WAX / NO WAX

      Most of our customers don’t find any need to wax their boards, but if you find you’d like to try some to help with your grip, let us know, we’ll send you some.

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      There are so many ways to store a board.  Depending on where you live, what kind of spaces you’re working with, how often you take your paddleboard out on the water… we’ve seen folks store their boards in all sorts of ways.  If you are looking for a premade wall hanging solution, we have both vertical and horizontal wall rack.

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