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Star Wars Paddle Board

This hollow wood stand up paddle board is built with a special “frameless” frame to allow for translucent 7″ epoxy work down the center. This board was one of the last boards started in our old shop down by the river and ended up getting finished in our new shop on top of the hill!

Playfully dubbed “The Star Wars Board” because when Jason was putting the skin on frame during this build, he thought the center insides looked like the hallway of the Death Star from Star Wars.

Height: 10’4
Width: 34″
Weight: 30 lbs

Star Wars Paddle Board


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As always, a “feather light” handmade wood paddle is included with each board purchase.

This paddle is made in that “sweet spot” of 6’ 2.5” and is easy to hold at only 1.5 pounds. The unique bent shaft drives strokes deeper and faster with no deflection which helps ease up the wear and tear on the paddler’s shoulders for much longer peaceful times out on the water.

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